My voice carries. Annoyingly so at times. I talk with my hands and I’m a little bit of a klutz. This winning combination garners more than it’s fair share of broken wine glasses, glares at restaurants, and shushes at most movie theaters.
— Opening lines, Stake in the Ground

Featured Essays

I've begun jotting down all my quirks and random stories into essays and sharing them to the public. I grew up reading fairy tales and scribbling in notebooks my entire life. As an adult, I'm attempting to get a little more serious. I humbly invite you to follow along as I stumble through personal failure and self-doubt to come out the other side with a fresh perspective and unique narrative voice. I love a good story.

Follow along, I promise I'll keep writing:

sorry, not sorry

I begged forgiveness for other people’s mistakes and for things out of my control. I said I’m sorry for not doing things that I didn’t know I needed to do or wasn’t supposed to. When it was time to call out peers, juniors or team members for unacceptable work or terrible fuck-ups, even in private, 1:1 or with a manager, I found a way to blame myself as well, just to even the score a little. As if I had to break off a little blame for myself to make sure it was still flavorful.

Year of the champion

When I told my parents I wanted to play hockey, my dad taught me how to take a punch before I learned to shoot a puck. He was preparing me for a long road ahead, the value of a good team member over just good players.

Put a Stake in the Ground

I've spent many years giving speeches, presentations and hosting events of all kinds, but only one in particular was a miserable failure. Follow along as I learn about the power of perspective as I crash and burn at my first real design talk.

Steal with Both Hands

The best career advice I ever got was from an interview gone horribly wrong. Watch and learn from my mistakes as my terrible portfolio as a junior designer gets torn apart by a seasoned Creative Director in San Antonio, Texas.