Byron A. Gronseth


The "A" is for Anthony, my grandfather's name. I'm passionate about my heritage and Southern roots, but the west coast has my heart. Born in Louisiana and raised in Virginia, I grew up on jambalaya, fairy tales and Civil War trivia. I'm picky about the rice you serve with gumbo, and I could read Lord of the Rings a thousand times and still find something new or interesting buried in the lore. I love puzzles and games of all sorts. Mostly, I like savoring rustic comfort foods, traveling the world with wifey and enjoying beautifully designed things.



My professional career spans almost fifteen years, including print, web and product design & project management experience. I'm a US Air Force veteran and husband to an incredibly supportive and inspiring partner. 

Currently located happily amidst the endless wonder of the Pacific Northwest. I can see clear water and the mountains. This is home.

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When I’m not on the clock, I eat everything in sight, get lost in epic wikipedia wormholes, scribble out short stories and essays, shuck oysters like a pro, devour novels and memoirs, wander the pacific northwest in search of beauty and wonder, cook heritage cajun food that makes my mom tear up, and give really long-winded speeches & toasts, sending up the people I care most about.
— About Me