Design Leader + Strategic Creative Partner

I'm coming up on 15 years working in digital agencies, startups, corporate and government organizations, so I'm used to the tightest constraints, wrangling the biggest egos and quelling the toughest clients. My background is heavy on the visuals—old school graphic design, amateur photography and craft, so I will always lean towards visual communication and designing for emotion. But over the years I've found my sweet spot in all things digital, visual, motion, interaction and experience design. I love research, discovery, and the meticulous craft of bringing a concept to execution. I don't get too deep into code, but I tinker with prototyping and new tools out in the wild. Once I invest myself within an organization, I naturally forge deep partnerships with engineers of all platforms, product and business analysts, managers, senior executives and stakeholders.


Experience Design & creative direction

Imagination & emotion, bullet-proofing ideas, crafting a narrative and forging partnerships

It starts with a passion and curiosity for discovery & research, relentless whiteboard work, a bottomless well of imagination and perspective, and resilience to ambiguity. When I roll up the sleeves, I fuss over the details in a loop of iterative design rigor. I'm used to estimating, workshopping problems and negotiating for resources to get the work done. My teams are champions of design process, while I clear the runway for their success and craft meaningful stories to bundle it all up.

Professional Focus 

Experience Design with emphasis on Visual / Traditional Art Direction / Nurturing and Energizing Creative Talent / Forging Alliances

areas of expertise

Travel / Hospitality / Food & Beverage / Lodging / eCommerce

I’m at my best when I’m standing in front of a whiteboard, tracing out ideas and pushing on concepts with designers and cross-discipline partners. I build things, I break things, I tinker and experiment. I fail, then try again. More than anything, I love to get people excited about ideas and help solve design problems for globally cherished brands.
— Work Statement